About Me

Location: Southern California
Gender: Gender Nonconforming Lesbian
Pronouns: she/they/he
Likes: birds, rats, cheese, undertale/deltarune, persona 3 portable, mad rat dead, rhythm games, FAKE TYPE, ZUTOMAYO, ceramics, Japanese food
Dislikes pollen season, remembering i am mortal, creepy cishet men, clay drying on me where I don't see it, maggots
About me

I'm not super good at coding so I'm probably gonna take a while to get through all of these, but I want to try!

also the art above is done by @dustyhyena on twitter + tumblr i adore it so so so much

i have the Completely Normal trophy in Mad Rat Dead and im currently working on getting the all hard mode S+ stage trophy as we speak. fear me